Shane Rhodes

Shane Rhodes is the author of six books of poetry and lives in Ottawa, Canada, on unceded Algonquin, Anishinabek territory.

It’s Here All The Beauty I Told You About

I am interested in how Westerns (whether they be comics, novels or films) continue to obscure and rewrite the history of North American colonisation and settlement and the anti-Indigenousness that fuels them.

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Why do this? Cultural relations via literature, that’s why. What similarities can be drawn or stylistic approaches extrapolated from reading the poetics of such vastly – 15,300 kilometres – separated places?

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Like the Shield of Achilles

I come before you today one proud Canadian among a nation of these in terrible times in times of crisis in security in harm’s way we are 35 million projecting weakness Consider this We are smart we are selfless we …

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Arc 75: The Arc-Cordite Poetry Special Issue

Cover art by Ian Friend My plumbing? Not exactly. But, well, after 14 months in the planning, making, mulling, and editing, it’s finally here: Arc Poetry Magazine 75: The Arc-Cordite Poetry Special Issue. Shane Rhodes and I (Kent MacCarter) co-wrote …

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X About X: An Interview with Shane Rhodes

Queensland Poetry Festival is thrilled to welcome award-winning Canadian poet Shane Rhodes as the 2013 Arts Queensland Poet in Residence. Since the residency program began in 2005, Queenslanders have had the pleasure of hosting an international poet for three months each year, bringing their ideas and creative energy to inform, influence, and engage fellow poets.

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postcard poems from the Americas 1 Pisco Lima cries for Spain. Spain was a swan in its hands with a rosy cloaca and a cock that tasted of bullmeat. Lima cries for Spain. 2 Cachaça In Sao Paolo, a monarch’s …

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T Totalled

There is no greater enemy to Canada’s material interests abroad this day than the wasteful, ruinous Drink Traffic. But while it overturns the home of plenty, it more cruelly still shatters the goblet of human happiness.                     The Canadian Temperance Manual …

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