Submission to Cordite 55: FUTURE MACHINES

By and | 16 February 2016

Future Machines
Image by Joshua Comyn

Poetry for Cordite 55: FUTURE MACHINES is guest-edited by Bella Li.

To conceive of future machines is to imagine what haunts the boundary, always fluid, always negotiated, between the possible and impossible. To figure the distance, real or perceived, blurred or distinct, between ‘now’ and ‘later’, between the machine and its others; to invent species of machines – human, poetic, desiring, infernal – that are yet to be. Verne, Asimov, Wells; automatons, androids, fictions; narratives, devices, DeLoreans – dream, design and send your future machines.

Please submit only once, with a maximum of three (3) poems (visual and concrete welcome) or works of microfiction (500 words maximum) in one (1) document … but first, please read the submission guidelines.

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