Asian Australian Diasporic Poets: A Commentary

By | 1 August 2012


Adam Aitken: Letter to Marco Polo, Island Press, 1985; In One House, Angus & Robertson/Paperbark Press 1996; Romeo and Juliet in Subtitles, Brandl & Schlesinger 2000;, Vagabond Press 2004; Eighth Habitation, Giramondo 2009; Tonto’s Revenge, Tinfish Press, Honolulu 2011.

Ivy Alvarez: Food for Humans, Melbourne: Slow Joe Crow Press, 2002;; catalogue: life as tableware, Wales, The Private Press 2004; What’s wrong, Wales, The Private Press 2004; Mortal, Washington, DC, Red Morning Press 2006.

Desh Balasubramaniam was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in both the war torn North & Eastern provinces. He fled to New Zealand at the age of 13 with his family on humanitarian asylum. He is a qualified barrister and solicitor of High Court of New Zealand. His first return to Sri Lanka in 2005 had further enhanced his passion in writing and various forms of art. His work has appeared in Mascara, Blue Giraffe and Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) Online.

Merlinda Bobis: Rituals: Selected poems, 1985–1990, 1990; Was A Fast Train Without Terminals, Spinifex Press, North Melbourne 1998; Covenant, adapted by Bobis into a poetic sound drama produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC Radio): National broadcast, 2002–2009.

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Nora Krouk: Skin for Comfort, IP 2004; Warming the Core of Things, Hybrid Publishers 2010.

Bella Li: Bella Li is a Melbourne poet and editor, associated with experimental poets at Melbourne University. Her poems have appeared in Meanjin, Cordite and Otoliths.

Debbie Lim: Beastly Eye, Vagabond Press 2012.

Miriam Wei Wei Lo: Against Certain Capture, Five Islands Press, Wollongong 2004.

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Shen: City of My Skin, Five Islands Press 2001.

James Stuart: As editor/contributor: The Material Poem, an e-anthology of text-based art and inter-media writing; City of My Skin, Imitation Era, Vagabond Press 2012.

Ouyang Yu: Moon Over Melbourne and other Poems, Papyrus Publishing, 1995, Songs of the Last Chinese Poet Wild Peony, 1997, Two Hearts, Two Tongues and Rain-Coloured Eyes, University of Hawaii 2002, New and Selected Poems, Salt 2004, Bilingual Love: Poems from 1975-2008.

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