Pascalle Burton

Pascalle Burton

About Pascalle Burton

Pascalle Burton is a poet and performer with an interest in conceptual art and cultural theory. Projects include UN/SPOOL (with Nathan Shepherdson), 24 Hour Gym (with Tessa Rose), and performing in the band The Stress of Leisure. Her debut collection About the author is dead is forthcoming with Cordite Books.


Introduction to Pascalle Burton’s About the Author Is Dead

Pascalle Burton’s About the Author is Dead refers to, and opens with an epigraph from, Roland Barthes’s seminal essay, ‘The Death of the Author’. Inside the collection, we find not one author but many: David Byrne and Grace Jones, Miranda July and Jacques Derrida; authors who are filmmakers, authors who are poets, philosophers and musicians.

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After Michael Winkler’s Where Signs Resemble Thoughts

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Generation Loss (after Alvin Lucier)

‘Generation Loss (after Alvin Lucier)’ is a response to Alvin Lucier’s 1969 work I am sitting in a room, in which the artist’s speech is recorded, played back and recorded again until the iterations become unrecognisable and incorporate the frequencies …

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The future is but the obsolete in reverse

the future is but the obsolete in reverse∼Vladimir Nabokov hens-teeth tooth sooth-seer futile soul-fever suture terrible-host horrible visitors onset teen believer tree root soil obvious bovril herbivore stub-toe hurt error reversible hubris revolutionist refuses reefer oo uu ee ii truth …

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machine made out of words

(William Carlos Williams + N +) so much depends upon a red whelp basin glazed with ram wax beside the white childminders upon a red whim-wham basque glazed with ramjet wealth beside the white chimeras upon a red whip bastard …

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Archive Fever (after Jacques Derrida)

Do not ask who I am or ask me to remain the same.— Foucault a measure of flame and oxygen, a white heat degree in shame searing pain, unquantifiable pleasure that’s the key to a really good secret a secret …

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Trouble Shooter

[audio:|titles=Trouble Shooter – Pascalle Burton] Trouble Shooter (3:08) Written and produced by Pascalle Burton and featuring Justin Leegwater and David Stavanger

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Agent Orange (에이젼트 오렌지)

it is six years gone that automatic expressline divorce operation walking shellshocked from the wreckage making no changes to diet or exercise his head still stuck in the book of trees the book of flowers on occasion, the kama sutra …

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A survey of bearded men (수염 기른 남자들에 대한 조사)

I grow a beard because I hate constant shaving I grow a beard to look distinguished I grow a beard because it is the natural thing to do I grow a beard because it is manly I grow a beard …

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Particulunar (Eye and Spoon)

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Flarfing Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg Academic articles, collected poems Cancer-related heart attack, intelligent bridge-player The most reliable source: corduroy, synthetic biology, rare foot Howl, Howl, Hello, my name is blog! Whitman, Ginsberg, Washington DC Zombie Hamster obscenity trial Longtime spokesperson Forthrightly gay, freedom …

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[audio:] Gilbarco (1:05)

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