Pascalle Burton Reviews Jackson’s A Coat of Ashes

One part is conceptualising and ordering the world and the other is accepting the world as it is. – Agnès Varda

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I tend to lean my death forward instead of supporting my fate in alignment spine pegs and gravity working together as they should. Late carding this torch: went for a court, did some ghost checks on various messes and brains, …

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Review Short: Jackson’s Lemon Oil

Lemon OilThe final poem in Lemon Oil, titled ‘The right metaphor’, combines the thesis of independence with the antithesis of loneliness to synthesise a new metaphor for love. Love, Jackson tells us, is not a chain, a cage, or a leash, but a long elastic cord that lets us fly free yet binds us to each other, ensuring that ‘there’s always/ a way home’. This tension between two desires (one for freedom, the other for closeness) is emblematic of the book as a whole.

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