I’ve only known things that you’ve known better

By | 1 September 2023

do you know how to get satisfyingly clean glass?
press your palms together and feel the heat it generates
imagine the heat moving right through the palm, through the wall and into the river

acupuncturists, they used to use fishbones and thorns
now they have needles. wow.
how did they figure that out?

having an older sibling is different to being an older sibling
observe a flower or pluck it from its roots

nobody can do Beckett like Beckett
tfw I realise that almost all my suffering is self-created & I have assigned false
value to many situations that are in fact morally neutral
I am his mother and he is my mother

the other evening, I passed a man who smelt like me in the 90’s
Revlon Fire & Ice and no real concept of Rwanda
top notes: orange blossom osmanthus tangerine
heart notes: magnolia narcissus orchid tuberose
base notes: amber musk incense
the collars of landfill anoraks still bear the scent

Erich Fromm, I want to be behind a door at all times
and peer through a tiny telescope to see what’s on the other side

Notes on the poem: the title was provided to me by Andrew McLellan; source texts or references include Enduroshield ad on Instagram; Sinus Drainage & Headache Relief Exercises by Adam Fields DC; Gabrielle Moss’ Twitter; and Base notes’ entry for Fire & Ice.


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