you are turned a someone

By | 1 May 2020

(an internet performance of Paul Celan’s Streak)

This is a safe space for your cat-eye troubles:
if you are having strange experiences you cannot explain, it is possible you are having a psychotic episode
a fish comprehending water for the first time
a one-man war room
filled to the brim with reboots

eliminate all remnants of the notion of personal property

another day’s wear bringing it closer to destruction
‘It’s very good,’ I said, and I heard another me repeat, ‘It’s good’
in my brain, I mentally edited myself
nervous system wired to threats
whether by mutual decision or not
look towards your chin in order to see your nose
look better looking back

This is a safe space for your cat-eye troubles:
symptoms can mimic
untapped groups lie at the crux
peer out of the dumpster and then duck back in
an imperious need to walk on and on
grab the bottom of the dog’s jaw, bend it back with all you’ve got – break the jaw if you can
a kind of antidote to this tightening, this narrowing.

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