then is now is then and here is there — a forecast

By | 12 March 2021

this morning I feed the neighbour’s cat
I’ve done it for the past few days and nights
it feels like we’re pretending that this is our life now
the first time I fed her, her fur bristled at my touch
now she wipes her body against my calves and her purrs are little rolls of thunder

I drive my mother to the doctor
wonder what it feels like to have an overcast mind
it’s not too warm, still we wind the windows down
practise breathing, sitting up tall and strong
the air ripples bone-deep against our faces as the clouds pass

at this time of year, dusk can feel like morning
perhaps an afternoon nap kept going until tomorrow
I walk to get ingredients for a dinner that won’t exist
I’ll spend an hour cooking then drop it on the floor
it is morning in other parts of the world and in a handful of hours, it will be here, too

it was overcast today, the sky wiped blank like a whiteboard
and I can’t wait to take a shower
it says it’s 24 degrees and really feels like 24
like that Hawaiian scene in ‘Punch Drunk Love’ where it really looks like Hawaii
in Hawaii, it’s presently 28 degrees, it’s 10pm yesterday, and I can’t imagine how that feels

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