Agent Orange (에이젼트 오렌지)

By | 22 May 2011

it is six years gone
that automatic expressline divorce operation
walking shellshocked from the wreckage
making no changes to diet or exercise

his head still stuck in the book of trees
the book of flowers
on occasion, the kama sutra
but usually the books on flowers and trees excite him more

and he can share them with his boy
who sometimes responds
more often plays his computer
and calls out ‘coming’ over and over

so it goes, a divided existence
he knows him
he knows him not
and lately, he knows him not

doesn’t get Facebook
or Call of Duty
recently discovered through the search history
that daisy-chaining is not what it used to be

and six weeks after the fight
realises the morning visits to the garden
were to put small doses of bleach on the plants
and there is no saving any of them

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