Deborah Cole


0$). So why Indonesia? How did I come to get in touch with Sapardi Djoko Damono in the first place, let alone McGlynn, Cole and Herliany? During the time I was learning the rigging of ropes and jibs that intertwine …

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Editorial Introduction: Crossing Bloodlines

The poems in this collection trace the overlapping cycles of the human journey from birth to death across the space/time habitat we measure in footfalls and poetic metre.

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Editorial Pengantar: Menyebrang Garis Keturunan

Read this introduction in English Puisi-puisi dalam kumpulan ini merunut siklus-siklus perjalanan manusia yang bertumpang-tindih sejak kelahiran sampai kematian, melintasi ruang dan waktu yang kita hitung dengan derap kaki dan ukuran puitika. Berkelana di dalam lingkup keluarga dan masyarakat, perjalanan …

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Newlywed from the Coast | Penganten Pesisir

Newlywed from the Coast I come dressed as a groom from the coast in a procession as in days long past accompanied by trumpets, drums, gongs, and carbide lamps at the lead masked acrobats turn somersaults, a wild boar, a …

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Batavia Centrum | Batavia Centrum

Batavia Centrum 1933: Chinese women, young and old Totter beneath Buckets of sweat Treading narrow lanes between shops in Pintoe Ketjil 1942: The Japanese arrive Stupid bastard, they say To the Chinese man in calico Miserable from having his godown …

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Poetry Suppressed by News | Puisi Tertindas Berita

Poetry Suppressed by News There‚Äôs a crock-pot inside me. Something always cooking Its inner walls blistering thinner and thinner Fire. You roast me with self-concealment Temptations of friendship always arrive early in the morning I am wont to embrace. Only …

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