Deborah Cole

Debbie Cole learned Bahasa Indonesia from children in her neighborhood in Jakarta between 1976-1984. From her many Australian classmates in elementary school, she learned how to speak some 'Strine' and enjoy vegemite and butter sandwiches. As a graduate student, she studied public performances of Indonesian poetry in Jogjakarta, Central Java during Indonesia’s Reformasi period in 2001-2002. Some of what she learned about attitudes towards difference and diversity through that research appeared in an article 'Enregistering diversity: Adequation in Indonesian poetry performance' in the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology in 2010. Currently, she is an associate professor of linguistics in the Department of English at the University of Texas-Pan American (situated along the border between Mexico and the United States) where she occasionally serves on thesis committees for poetry students in a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program. Along with John McGlynn and Dorothea Rosa Herliany, she is a member of the editorial team for the Lontar Anthology of Indonesian Poetry.

Editorial Introduction: Crossing Bloodlines

The poems in this collection trace the overlapping cycles of the human journey from birth to death across the space/time habitat we measure in footfalls and poetic metre.

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Editorial Pengantar: Menyebrang Garis Keturunan

Read this introduction in English Puisi-puisi dalam kumpulan ini merunut siklus-siklus perjalanan manusia yang bertumpang-tindih sejak kelahiran sampai kematian, melintasi ruang dan waktu yang kita hitung dengan derap kaki dan ukuran puitika. Berkelana di dalam lingkup keluarga dan masyarakat, perjalanan …

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Newlywed from the Coast | Penganten Pesisir

Newlywed from the Coast I come dressed as a groom from the coast in a procession as in days long past accompanied by trumpets, drums, gongs, and carbide lamps at the lead masked acrobats turn somersaults, a wild boar, a …

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Batavia Centrum | Batavia Centrum

Batavia Centrum 1933: Chinese women, young and old Totter beneath Buckets of sweat Treading narrow lanes between shops in Pintoe Ketjil 1942: The Japanese arrive Stupid bastard, they say To the Chinese man in calico Miserable from having his godown …

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Patiwangi: Renunciation | Patiwangi

Patiwangi: Renunciation1 this is my new land a spring guarantees its existence fish embark on new love affairs branches bearing budding leaves fashion a burial ceremony I can smell all kinds of flowers and ritual offerings curse the feet I …

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Poetry Suppressed by News | Puisi Tertindas Berita

Poetry Suppressed by News There’s a crock-pot inside me. Something always cooking Its inner walls blistering thinner and thinner Fire. You roast me with self-concealment Temptations of friendship always arrive early in the morning I am wont to embrace. Only …

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