Submissions now open for Cordite 38: Sydney

1 December 2011

We invite submissions for Cordite 38 on the theme of ‘Sydney’. Given that Cordite was founded in Sydney in 1997, we think that now is a good time to revisit our roots, and what better way to do that than to fire up your metaphorical barbie, down a long neck or two of Reschs and then head for Bondi (or maybe Clovelly) to take a dip in the Tasman.

As with all themed issues of Cordite, apart from the fact that we’ll accept up to five poems per submission, the sky is the limit. It’s not compulsory to have ever been to Sydney (let alone lived there) in order to submit. (If that were the case, we’d never, ever be able to produce a ‘Space’-themed issue – unless Buzz Aldrin writes poetry, that is).

Cordite 38: Sydney will be guest-edited by Astrid Lorange.

Astrid is a poet, PhD candidate, teacher, editor and book indexer from Sydney. She is the author of Eating and Speaking (Tea Party Republicans Press, NYC) and Minor Dogs (bas-books, NYC) and her PDF book Pussy pussy pussy what what (Au lait day Au lait day) was published on She is currently a resident commentator on Jacket2, where is she is writing about the alt.archives of Sydney poetry. You can find files and links at

For full submission guidelines, visit our submissions page.

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