Submission to Cordite 46: NO THEME III Now Open!

15 December 2013

Submission to Cordite 46: NO THEME III now open!

Poetry for Cordite 46: NO THEME III is guest-edited by Felicity Plunkett

I am interested in the idea of architecture as a way of capturing the place of a ‘no theme’ issue … amidst Cordite‘s many themed ones. In the architecture of a journal, a themed issue opens a particular window to bring poems in through that filter, and invites particular kinds of art.

A ‘no theme’ issue is an open house, a special and celebratory event where all windows and doors are flung open to allow the flow of creative energies to circulate freely.

I am reminded of Roethke’s line ‘My doors are widely swung’, a darker sort of take, but valid as any in this context.

- Felicity Plunkett

Once again, it’s summer in Australia. Bask, disassociate, imbibe, unfetter, defenestrate. Submit once, up to three poems, and all in one document please … but first, please read the submission guidelines.

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