Submission to Cordite 46: NO THEME III Now Open!

By and | 15 December 2013

Submission to Cordite 46: NO THEME III now open!

Poetry for Cordite 46: NO THEME III is guest-edited by Felicity Plunkett

I am interested in the idea of architecture as a way of capturing the place of a ‘no theme’ issue … amidst Cordite‘s many themed ones. In the architecture of a journal, a themed issue opens a particular window to bring poems in through that filter, and invites particular kinds of art.

A ‘no theme’ issue is an open house, a special and celebratory event where all windows and doors are flung open to allow the flow of creative energies to circulate freely.

I am reminded of Roethke’s line ‘My doors are widely swung’, a darker sort of take, but valid as any in this context.

Felicity Plunkett

Once again, it’s summer in Australia. Bask, disassociate, imbibe, unfetter, defenestrate. Submit once, up to three poems, and all in one document please … but first, please read the submission guidelines.

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