A Diasporic Journey: Greek-Australian Poetry in Bilingual and English Publications

By | 1 August 2012


Amanatides, Dina (2011), Dreams of Clay Drops of Dew: selected poems. Trans. Konstandina Dounis. Owl Publishing.

Kalamaras, Vasso, Twenty Two Poems (Greek-English), 1977; Landscape and Soul (Greek-English), 1980; The Same Light, 1989, Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

Antigone Kefala, The Alien, Gargoyle Poets/Makar Press, 1973; Thirsty Weather, Outback Press, 1978; European Notebook, Hale & Iremonger, 1988; Absence: new and selected poems, Hale & Iremonger, 1992, 1998; Poems: a selection (English/Greek) Owl Publishing 2000

Krili, Yota, Triptych: poems (English-Greek) Owl Publishing 2003

Tsaloumas, Dimitris, published by UQP: The Observatory (1983); The Book of Epigrams, (1985); Falcon Drinking (1988); Portrait of a Dog (1992); The Barge (1993); The Harbour (1998); Helen of Troy and other poems (2007). Also by Shoestring Press (U.K.): Six Improvisations on the River (1996); The Stoneland Harvest: new and selected poems (1999)

Hart, Kevin, ‘Absence: new and selected poems, by Antigone Kefala’, The Age, 28/11/92.

Nickas, Helen (ed), Dimitris Tsaloumas a voluntary exile: selected writings on his life and work (English-Greek). Melbourne: Owl Publishing 1999.

Articles cited from this publication are:

Judith Rodriguez, ‘Dimitris Tsaloumas Observed’; Jenna Woodhouse, ‘Tsaloumas and the Translation of Experience’; Matt Simpson, ‘The Poetry of Dimitris Tsaloumas: a British perspective.’

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