By | 31 July 2012
When I was very young, angels were falling from the sky onto the ground. They were weak with atrophied wings due to a lack of favourable winds. Still they were attracting attention. Children would run after them asking for a free ride to the moon. The poor would run after them demanding they intercede with God to save them from poverty. Their presence was causing suspicion. The police took precautions and set up spy networks. When the angels got used to gravity and found their balance they began to demand absolute freedom for dreaming. Their demands were scrutinised. It was established that they had the wrong dreams and were flying against the wind. They were ordered to comply with Security’s recommendations immediately. Some folded up their wings in despair and tried to live without dreaming. Yet they were still mistrusted and ended up in prison. Those who refused to comply, empowered their wings with guns and took to the mountains to be near God. But God disappeared into the clouds. So the angels became victims of steel vultures and other predators while the country sank into a long-lasting lethargy.

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