Nathan Curnow

MONSTER Editorial

I’m writing this after news that W S Merwin has died. His Selected Poems still sits on my bedside table, never far away in case of a spare moment.

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Submission to Cordite 91: MONSTER

Kanye West said it himself – everybody knows – then Nicki Minaj out-rapped him … then Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B. Give me monster feuds and battles. Give me Conor McGregor attacking a bus. Give me monsters in the Oval …

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I discovered a bird with a hook in its mouth, which is really just a cheap opening line. ‘Cheap’ will evoke the sound of the bird. Like me you have to question the point. I’m tugging but it’s such a …

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Jacinta Le Plastrier Interviews Nicholas Walton-Healey

Image of and by Nicholas Walton-Healey Land Before Lines is a book from Melbourne-based photographer and writer Nicholas Walton-Healey. The 144-page, full-colour volume (the images appear in black and white here for page recall considerations) features portraits of 68 Victorian …

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Andy Jackson Reviews Kevin Brophy and Nathan Curnow

Radar. Green blips on a black screen. A large and vulnerable craft navigating a changeable world. A technological attempt to locate an invisible danger, or to give shape to darkness. All these associations emerge out of the poetry of Kevin Brophy and Nathan Curnow in their joint collection Radar, albeit in an intimate mode: these poets observe the ways in which we navigate through our lives in the contemporary world and improvise meaning. It is difficult, though, to talk about ‘the book’ because these two poets differ strikingly in their approaches.

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Istana Windsor | Windsor

Istana Windsor tak ada seorang pun membangunkan sang Ratu yang menelungkup di atas meja di antara makanan yang tinggal sedikit tak banyak yang masih tersisa namun tetap mengotori tangannya saat dia hendak masukkan tangan ke dalam jubah kilau tajam serupa …

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