Submission to Cordite 91: MONSTER

By and | 15 November 2018


Kanye West said it himself – everybody knows – then Nicki Minaj out-rapped him … then Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B. Give me monster feuds and battles. Give me Conor McGregor attacking a bus. Give me monsters in the Oval Office. Give me bunyips, zombies, Pennywise, the bloodbath from Cabin in the Woods. I want genre, myth or true crime. Take me where the wild things are. Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and John Polidori telling stories at Lake Geneva. Give me Gorgon sisters with a Youtube channel or dreams of Heffalumps. I want a portrait of tyrants playing poker with their dogs. Lose me in your Labyrinth of words. And if this doesn’t help you can call me names, you can call me whatever you like … ‘now look at what you just saw, this is what you live for.’

Submit poems (prose, comics, visual, concrete) or works of micro-fiction (500 words maximum). Read more about submitting to Cordite Poetry Review. Please note:

1. We will only read submissions sent during our official submission periods.

2. Cordite maintains a hybrid submissions policy. This means that the guest editor may invite five (5) Australian and five (5) overseas authors directly to submit to the issue. In addition, the guest-editor will anonymously select an additional 30-35 works from Australian authors and use their discretion to select further overseas works. For each issue, the guest editor does not know the identities of the online contributors (via Submittable) until after the final selections have been made.

3. Simultaneous submissions or previously published material will not be considered. This includes works published in print and web journals but does not apply to material first published on personal blogs.

4. Please place up to three (3) poems in one (1) Word, RTF or PDF document (unless specifically noted otherwise for special issues), with no identifying details in the document itself.

5. We are not able to offer feedback on individual poems.

6. Submissions will only be accepted via Submittable …


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