Nicholas Walton-Healey

Review Short: Nicholas Walton-Healey’s Land before Lines

What Nicholas Walton-Healey’s photograph collection Land before Lines emphasises is not difference (the notion that every poet is completely individual, different, unique, special), but sameness (the complex social bind of community). The notion of the poet as ‘genius’ or ‘original’ is broken. In place of the genius is the obscurity of the face, what I would like to call the inidentity of the poet, the poet (re)framed, without identity, and most importantly, without centre.

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Jacinta Le Plastrier Interviews Nicholas Walton-Healey

Image of and by Nicholas Walton-Healey Land Before Lines is a book from Melbourne-based photographer and writer Nicholas Walton-Healey. The 144-page, full-colour volume (the images appear in black and white here for page recall considerations) features portraits of 68 Victorian …

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