By | 1 May 2017

I discovered a bird with a hook in its mouth,
which is really just a cheap opening line.
‘Cheap’ will evoke the sound of the bird.
Like me you have to question the point.
I’m tugging but it’s such a rusty hook.
I should’ve mentioned that from the start.
Find a gap higher up, try easing it in.
If it doesn’t fit come back and go on.
Where do you expect the bird to be?
I’ve made up a nest in the laundry.
There’s a friendly vet in a nearby village
but they’re called towns, this is not England.
So I wake at night with a drop feeder.
I’m having trouble but misspelt ‘trouble’.
Instead I wrote ‘ruble’, then corrected it.
That’s not an image, just a footnote.
Every strong line must snap somewhere.
And now we’re all stuck in the laundry.
What are the bones? A bird, an old hook,
or the audience in my head which is ruble?
Help! Your blasted shadow’s in the way,
something longs to be free from my grip,
twisting the hook of a made up bird.
No telling how to get you out.

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