The Dark Placebo

By | 1 May 2017

Placebo: if resolutions are like insights
I must make them only to lose them.
Do I lose more than can be made?
If things gained are better felt
when lost: their shadow falls
as the proof of things

Placebo-fear is the strangest seduction.
Cold corners reach out just for you.
The cold wooden floor creaking
in the middle of the night. It
could be someone leaving
or entering. Inner winter
has its fever.

It’s all the other things that are not
the thing itself. Placebos as twins
of Ariel, Caliban. White as our
pills the white placebo will
duel our mind against
our body – invoking
the ghost of drugs
makes us well.

But dark placebo: hair rises on your neck
the dead the ghost as white as a pill
in the dark. And the dark placebo
makes your mind hallucinate
your body. So its taking
real drugs for nothing
makes you worse.

Nocebo stands giant as the blades of a wind farm
whirling dead eagles down into paddocks
inside us. Worsely better for its darkness…
It is the patron saint of masochists.
It’s the endless bad luck at cards.
Oh pity you, it insists, this is
the dark placebo’s

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