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Spoon Bending: A Chapbook Curated by Kent MacCarter

There is no such thing as a good poem about nothing? What does that mean, exactly? And what’s all this about spoon bending anyways?

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A Good Idea

Coincidentally Contiguous or Non-Einsteinian Relativism a ‘Bad’ Idea gets a quick approving slap on the butt and takes off fast; a ‘Good’ Idea gets its bottom patted comfortingly (several times) by the ‘Formal Soothing Hand of (Fickle?) Approbation’ and glides …

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Narrative and Poetry: What Happened Next?

In narratology, the narratee is the imagined person whom the narrator is assumed to be addressing in a particular narrative. Narrative poetry belongs to the class of poems, including ballads, epics, and verse romances, that tell stories. (Dramatic and lyric …

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Her bottom — like a Sherman tank? What would that look like? She’s sitting on a low stone wall facing street. It’s a 1997 person, passing behind her, who lobs the simile. Those words, directed towards her flesh, suggests a …

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