J S Harry

J S Harry is a critically acclaimed and awarded poet. Her first collection, Dear Under the Skin, was published in 1971. Her collection Not Finding Wittgenstein came out in 2007 and won The Age Book of the Year. It was published in Britain by Bloodaxe (2012). Her most recent work, PublicPrivate, was published by Vagabond Press (2013).

Tunnel Vision

SUPPORT SYD VICIOUS CUT A SLUT JESUS SAVES AT THE WALES WHO ARE YOU IF YOU’RE NOT? CREAMINESS CONTROLS YOU OR YOU CONTROL THE CREAMINESS screaming without words she runs through the tunnel straight at them shock opening like flowers …

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A Good Idea

Coincidentally Contiguous or Non-Einsteinian Relativism a ‘Bad’ Idea gets a quick approving slap on the butt and takes off fast; a ‘Good’ Idea gets its bottom patted comfortingly (several times) by the ‘Formal Soothing Hand of (Fickle?) Approbation’ and glides …

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Narrative and Poetry: What Happened Next?

In narratology, the narratee is the imagined person whom the narrator is assumed to be addressing in a particular narrative. Narrative poetry belongs to the class of poems, including ballads, epics, and verse romances, that tell stories. (Dramatic and lyric …

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Her bottom — like a Sherman tank? What would that look like? She’s sitting on a low stone wall facing street. It’s a 1997 person, passing behind her, who lobs the simile. Those words, directed towards her flesh, suggests a …

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