The Farmhouse (Ffermdy Cilewent) (농장 (펌디 싸일웬트*))

By | 22 May 2011

in the other room, the bulls
stamp and snort
their long horns scratch the walls

licked by its mother, flies gather
at the calf’s forehead
drool dropping to the floor

the smell of hay
their piss and shit
smear our shoes
no use          can’t keep it out

there’s only so much wood can do
to keep us warm
darker than dust or soot
the kindling waits to burn
everything’s black
even my heart, I think

the clock won’t let me forget
if only there was more light—
where is the sun’s one white eye
when you need it

upstairs we climb to our room
the children silent like we taught them
their eyes look at me, shining
I blow out the lamp

she is already asleep, warming our straw bed
I lift the coverlet
thankful for this small mercy

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