Francois Sagat O’Malley: Glad Pews and the Good Steeple

By and | 1 December 2010

you don’t always want
what you say, or
say what you
do (do you):
Notes of a Warring Class, J.H. Prynne

Lodge the pre-budget ambit claim.
Graphs observe
their models. The steam rises.
The sport of the day’s nadir.

He absconded on theeve of winter
By compass she fled –

founded the people’s
democratic spectator ship.
This is what it was like to have loved.
With tractor squall, not megaphone
you wake butterfly in the morning.

iii. inter

albatross blues

The wedding guest has long since been deported
The herald reported

This was the memory of how
too tropical to avoid gossip they fled the scene:
The posse is rain sloshed from a peak-hour gutter.
No mention of books soaked in official batter.

She stalks the
like an unfamilial warrigal.
for her children.

She wasted no corrugations because they would not,
but thyme pressed and strudels came of it.
On the egg were kanji characters
with no rubber bands and less to suspend..

Take time out to design jam jars:
Kitchen Warfare Essentials for the Carrot Bachelorette.

I implore you to believe
this sincere account of the Lego Association

i. rupt

The Matthews method: melees and prayers,
The method Matthews uses confuses
The madness of Matthews’ method

We sleep in secular pews, dodging the flares.

Born in a field of Bruce Springsteen
you naturally dodge the suicide machine

a nasty date with the dynasty of wisdom
Christine’s white derriere, just declares:
“Your right Don?”

there was no credit for his message to Ezra,
thrown stones further, battled bathed rats and late
hats attuned to the Babylonian Hussein.
But it never came to that.

I am in Los Angeles today,
wearing a frock on the edge of a bowl of ice cream
and a slice of gateaux wondering if Giteau
will play for the sevens at the Commonwealth Games

“Fifteen is calm. Downgrade the film.”
Godot is not perfect but he will… try
Giteau in and away for a… try

The sonic peal in the hotel.
The serious café says: “Metaphysics
are the opiates of the masses.”
And all the Steve Bracks fall into line.
The solitary official translation
drifts towards zero day on a palanquin.
Software and scrupulous accountancy
open the terminus and uncover the deception.
Backyard Lebs ambush invariably at dawn.

This is the inevitable coalescence.
This is what it means to be the CEO of the Schapelle Corby Club,
base jumping from the extremities of the objectives
of your strategic eighteen month plan.

Understand the meaning of the freeways;
the phraseology behaves like a museum after an earthquake
the tumultuous juxtaposition of epochs.
Visas for the correct disambiguations have already been squandered

The socialist system will eventually
replace objective law. Everything is essentially collision.
Good people know this when bad news comes knocking.
Why would you want to live here?

Ceol of Wessex Cutha Cynric
Ceawlin Ceolwulf Cynegils
Cwichelm Cenwalh Centwine
Chifley Cervantes Cruise
Celan Carracella Tchaikovsky
all wanted to make views that stayed pews.
Stacked implants on the veranda
the memory of Freidrich Holderlein
fossilising in a front paddock.

When you run the program all you get is:
Read error 42: Pandora Your Friend – Unable to locate
requested file.

The log file says:
02-BHO: Pandora Your Friend BHO – {00A6FAAF1-0272E-
44cf-8957-5838F569A31D} – C:\liam\Program Files\Explorer\Temporary
Files\AK11849\Pandora Your Friend\runme.dll – Can’t find file

Behind every successful new historian
is an artist who says you forgot to mention my work,
and, boy is it symptomatic!

You want Yogo therefore you are.
Colloquial wisdom settles disputes,
and old scores
are eliminated
in long range knife duels.

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