Surveying What Adheres

By | 1 May 2020

What was your status as of Monday?
Low on cling film. Fine for surface spray.

Name one highlight of your current job.
Midway on my journey to the Tube

the sticky men come tumbling down the glass
of the High Commission, a few yards

north of the Dominion. Hurled, they thwack
the tint, as though each wodge of gunk

were phlegm hoiked up from
underground, so thick it sprouted limbs.

The sticky men?
The toys I mean.

Those moulded figurines of polymer
and mucilage slash tackifier

that wobble down to earth like a mirage.
The de facto mascots of our plastic age.

And you learned what from your sticky man phase?
Perhaps the smear of north Atlantic ooze,

the veiny blob of albumen
that Huxley once mistakenly proclaimed

the missing link
appeared to him like this:

expectorated sputum, anthropoid,
squished against the window of a slide.

Is there anything else you wish to add?
The finest nanotech adhesive yet

aspires to the tread
of gecko feet.

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