On the Holding of Spaces for Essaying Into

By , , , and | 31 October 2021

My dad tells me one of the young tradies he works with sent him a video about how the
vaccines are going to kill everyone who gets them – especially the booster shots which will
supposedly kill you on the spot.

‘He doesn’t believe it’ my dad assures me, ‘he won’t get vaccinated, not because he
thinks it will kill him, but because he’s afraid it will make him sterile. ‘And there’s
no arguing with him about it’ he says. ‘I’ve tried.’

And what of the contradictions? The genuine need for protections of various kinds including environmental (not the it’s-either-me-or-you style protection of borders btw, or is that a contradiction in terms? I am not asking to be cute. I am trying to think this through).

What of the immunosuppressed and compromised? What of those who cannot get vaccinated either because of certain health conditions or treatments, or because they are not yet eligible? We know that higher socio-economic areas tend to have higher vaccination rates than the rest of the community – this data has been emerging in Sydney, and elsewhere, for some time now – and that much of the vaccine injustice globally falls along class and race lines.

* Christian pop songs on AM radio


It’s a putting oneself into a space of deliberate uncertainty. Stepping into the unknown. A practicing in that space. Training. It’s about thinking provisionally. Speaking small. Not for all.

It’s about languaging. Being attentive to words, to meaning. To the meaning that can be smuggled in however unwittingly.

It’s about taking seriously – which might have nothing whatsoever to do with being serious.

*whistling tunnel

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