Danielle Collobert’s Survie

By | 1 February 2016


i going voice no response sometimes articulate words
only silence response to other ear never
if in mute the world no noise
rushes into the blue cosmos
no question but vertical voyage
i going slipment to the horizon
all the same all mortal starting with the i
fleeing the horizon at full tilt
finally hear only music in the cries
enough enough
to enter born on debris the terrain hardly recognised
emerged out of salty mire the foetus out of sewer
solar plexus eaten away anguish exuding lungs breath panting

neck gripped by the rope wake up
shudder wake up
burnt consumed monk
die body
beyond hands caresses
far from lips drank
memory of the body
letting go present the moment survival
without knowing what to open onto energy to imagination responded
stammerings hardly by the gashes
the cries from wounds’ edge insufficient
plunged black into the bloodbath
working one’s veins for words
i speech to open mouth open say i live to whom

flung into chaos no armour
will survive or not resistance to blows the long lifespan
i gone exploration of the abyss
groping about against day
cuffs on hands stigmata on wrists already
on feet irons chains
the distance of a step the unity of measure
i scraping my ground with it
in space the noise drags
first up on prometheus’ soundtrack
vulture in the throat
with blows blood cut back endlessly toward silence
in the middle of the forehead the flat future desert
behind hidden maybe the body to cluster

little living homing cell
going wanting desperately to stick its juice somewhere
kindness at mucous membranes the wait at orifices
the mute party first of life
engulfed in lava flow skin-tight word wall within which
no way to get the sounds out from beyond death just
strain the nerves to raise the sound the lips higher
the bone skull rang out
aching strangulation remain beyond death just
or not smile of smile devoid in reflections in black extinguished face
scarcely light of distant view
gone for the seven days of circular hell
creation torture and rest included
sleep of full earth and dreams included

whose sun sometimes music on big sky opened
flat on its back the sidelined
the quartered probable drawing on the thrust of the bearable for kicks
from that side from fairly deep the writing on body
i carving the sandy the moment rubbed out
emit fever from resonant lips the gong
or humming bullroarer fleeing the head
or drums of survival
or dry desert dust bombs
and always licking the flames the fear body
i of insect living nailed to the wall
seeking living to suffering more
dreaming of it even at night
with a view to the definitive

i time of what
the spread
wave rolled in view
unremittingly of the i fluid detected red
fragments imperceptible to little eye of time dumb view
onto space never more than a big field
the rest open to the wanderer the celestial visions
suck the phrases food without teeth
i crusher sounds syllables magma telluric tremors
or caught by tidal wave lost foot in subsoil syntax
days of passion
light of veins coming
on the surface the articulation
i spoken fervent energy the cry or as burn never spoken

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