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for Jordie (after Azzuro) List-making is a prophylaxis against loss. — Wayne Koestenbaum the moon that knew just what I was there for | the heap on the floor of Yevtushenko’s Waiting | Jean Lee | Joni | the largest …

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Review Short: Terry Jaensch’s Shark

You stare into the water, starkly aware of the ambiguous shadows there. So many of us are anglers in the Australian poetry scene; looking for something new, something fresh. Having landed this fish on my desk I will confess to a certain hesitancy to come too close. It’s not a large shark, some 60 odd pages generously spaced. There is more than a little empathy for this distressed, vibrant life. But I’m careful of the teeth.

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Terry Jaensch Interviews Kim Ki-Taek

As I write this introduction, it occurs to me that the following interview constitutes my first unmediated communication with Kim Ki-taek (if we discount the technology through which we’ve communicated), that is to say a communication unmediated by a third, human, party.

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Gay/Poet/Korea: An Interview with Gabriel Sylvian on the Poetry of Gi Hyeong-do

Gay/Poet/Korea – it is not lost on me that with these three words I might well have been searching for myself, attempting to locate myself in a new context, a new country, but in the end the search produced Gi Hyeong-do.

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Air (공기)

Had I but the right cutlery, I could cut it but in this age of convenience and terror I am not to be trusted. I’ve a piece of plastic I must sharpen with my mind, that presently tears, no wipes, …

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Letter from Sungai Buloh | 숭아이 불로(Sungai Buloh)에서 온 편지

Emptying an urn half her size of mosquito larvae and water, the architect’s Australian wife tells me of her husbands sister’s suicide. The family never speak of it; the Japanese occupation of Singapore the need to keep her inside – …

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The Poet Asks His Love to Write Him (그에게 편지를 쓰라고 시인은 자신의 사랑에게 부탁한다)

After Lorca’s “Sonnets of Dark Love” Twink, if you are reading this ring me, SMS abbreviate or I am done for – dun 4 i tel u! The creek bed is risen, bike path beneath. Two days of constant rain, …

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Shark (상어)

“Father-killer and father-supplanter. Go in, and think on this.” – Sophocles Reportage: A man, a father taken today by shark white pointer, a thrash of white water whilst snorkelling with his son. A struggle then blood – in the eyes …

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Cyclist (싸이클리스트)

He tells me he is lonely, his lover has been murdered That was you? That was us. Motioning into distance his eyes away from the toilet block, dismounting his bike, keeping his helmet on; It was in all the papers. …

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Okay this was how I was going to start this editorial: As themes go, this issue's is, if nothing else, topical. Hillary Clinton's whole campaign in the run up to the presidential nomination will live or die on the basis …

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Moses Iten Reviews Paul Hardacre, Terry Jaensch and Cyril Wong

Although Love in the place of rats and Excess Baggage and Claim – both published by the independent Melbournian press transit lounge – arrived in the mail together, it was the disquieting title of Paul Hardacre's second poetry collection that grabbed me first.

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Calling Home

Terry Jaensch was poetry editor of Cordite for issues 12-15.