The Poet Asks His Love to Write Him (그에게 편지를 쓰라고 시인은 자신의 사랑에게 부탁한다)

By | 22 May 2011

After Lorca’s “Sonnets of Dark Love”

Twink, if you are reading this ring me, SMS
abbreviate or I am done for – dun 4 i tel u!
The creek bed is risen, bike path beneath. Two
days of constant rain, no you’d never guess

it our creek. If you are reading this ring me
ducks and geese disconcert at head height
& swans? Well, one fucked Leda for spite.
I don’t want to be fucked by a swan, please

if you are reading this ring me – or wring
my neck LOL. Be it on your head if I am
fucked by a swan or God LOL. Texting

LOL grows diffuse the deeper you sink
& these attendant plastic bags – well
a consumption if you’re reading me twink?

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