By | 15 February 2023

for Jordie (after Azzuro)

List-making is a prophylaxis against loss.

— Wayne Koestenbaum

the moon that knew just what I was there for | the heap on the floor
of Yevtushenko’s Waiting | Jean Lee | Joni | the largest of Kandinsky’s
Several Circles | my sleeveless passport | a poorly framed found-family
portrait | the inelastic band no longer holding it together | a lack of oxygen |
my Lake Wobegon tee | hope waiting | The Frugal Repast | no-name towns
on the un-place half of a snow-dome | swinging glass mati | a curse an art
period | Laura Wingfield’s roses | the trim on Sister Victoire’s summer
wimple | wine of a type | crime of a type | a thin line of a type | worry
to which my mind inclines at night | hydrangeas rooted in soil less alkaline |
Moses | the sea part | my mythic mother | the earth from outer space |
Challenger lifting off to smithereens | denim culottes flip-flapping about
the legs of orphanage lay staff | Hail Marys | my fingertip & thumb from
decades on a toxic starter rosary | an origami icosahedron from my ex |
my ex | 2007-10 | aqua profonda | the ur-dot in the Seine in Seurat’s
study for Bathers at Asniéres | all possible beginnings | all probable ends
this poem | your poem | & the Japanese door curtain’s ombré effect | |

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