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Paul Hardacre: chiang mai

winter there or no / morphine or meat, secret link between the heart of man & things amidst the ruins left & first she fed him aspic seed (lavender) & earthworms, sealed the slot with dung / a little something …

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Paul Hardacre: kathmandu

could lose his leg, or his life / skin like green barley, & curled / the claw we always joked about, swept onto a railway platform or stored as one of herzog's toes / another memorable trimming session, black blood …

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Paper Object Town

dear jones: i should never have come this place it is beyond desolation

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Moses Iten reviews Paul Hardacre, Terry Jaensch and Cyril Wong

Love in the place of rats by Paul Hardacre transit lounge, 2007 Excess Baggage and Claim by Terry Jaensch and Cyril Wong transit lounge, 2007 Although Love in the place of rats and Excess Baggage and Claim – both published …

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From River Cuts: Letters to Robert Adamson

canberra raining & the flight was shit / in the sticks somewhere off majura avenue (dickson) 19:39 0646 abstract & bearded hovering on a twelve foot cushion of evil / a still from eisenstein's ivan the terrible, mutation of reading …

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Michael Brown reviews Paul Hardacre

Hardacre, it seems, is sharing the lessons of the ?´school of junk'; that is, he is using drug poetry in the same way Dransfield did to illuminate a kind of bruised humanity.

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Komninos Zervos reviews Papertiger #3

Papertiger New World Poetry #3 (CD-ROM for PC) Paul Hardacre & BR Dionysius (eds) papertiger media, Brisbane, 2003 The third CD-ROM of poetry has been released by Papertiger Media and yet again presents the work of many of Australia's finest …

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Richard King reviews Papertiger #02

There's a bit of a growl in papertiger (it comes through the interview with Dorothy Porter) to do with the 'fact' that publishers will tend to plump for 'established' poets, to the disadvantage of newer, more 'experimental' voices, which, by dint of their being newer and more experimental, are naturally more interesting.

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The Shower-curtain You

the dream of the river shark with two fins guess it's one each for soup & killing & this bleak fracture of morning in a dish can't survive unless tv spliced / the green LCD of the clock-radio-phone like a …

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Pacific Star

clutching its chest pink knitted resignation a clown wears knees for medals blue synthetic flower eyes slouched against a mirror witness to extinction high in the mountains no mercy from the Japs only barbarous poison stew on Good Friday and …

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