Paul Hardacre

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Paper Object Town

dear jones: i should never have come this place it is beyond desolation

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From River Cuts: Letters to Robert Adamson

canberra raining & the flight was shit / in the sticks somewhere off majura avenue (dickson) 19:39 0646 abstract & bearded hovering on a twelve foot cushion of evil / a still from eisenstein's ivan the terrible, mutation of reading …

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The Shower-curtain You

the dream of the river shark with two fins guess it's one each for soup & killing & this bleak fracture of morning in a dish can't survive unless tv spliced / the green LCD of the clock-radio-phone like a …

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Pacific Star

clutching its chest pink knitted resignation a clown wears knees for medals blue synthetic flower eyes slouched against a mirror witness to extinction high in the mountains no mercy from the Japs only barbarous poison stew on Good Friday and …

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