Stephanie Christie

Unfinished Objects

You stole this pronoun. I need to have a shower loosen my side of this tension. D is solving. promistaken mind [x] changes Nothing has happened. I hold my mouth shut with one thumb. His sounds scatter a long way …

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Review Short: Stephanie Christie’s Carbon Shapes and Dark Matter

In Stephanie Christie’s first collection, Luce Cannon (2007, as Will Christie), language is a fissile material, words are rendered particulate, unstable, always threatening to devolve into their component parts. And while its subject matter is, often, not what you would call exactly bright, its tone is also not sombre, language tumbles along with a kind of free fall intelligence.

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I’m with Stupid.

What surprises me most is being coincidental. If we really believe it’s the end, it doesn’t matter how much this evangelism costs. The economy’s shaking. His trolley holds twenty kilos of rice, ten litres of water. Everyone thought I was …

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Hung r

strugglue pamphletamine Don’t be dull. You took off with the edge of your senses, you trashed them and now I can’t affect you deep enough to teach you how it feels to love me. original skin a holding position My …

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Dan Disney Reviews the deciBels Series

These ten tiny tomes each speak (squawk, swoon, glitch, muse, lyricise, confess) of how there is something not ticking precisely inside the reality machine. Or perhaps these books shine light onto how we’ve all gone slightly spectral within our anthropocenic phantasmagorias, lost and unmoored in an experiment that’s become dreadfully strange. Some of these books turn exclusively toward the world, others perhaps come from particular critical engagements; each serves to extend conversation both on what poets do, and what poems are for.

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