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By | 1 October 2015

strugglue pamphletamine
Don’t be dull. You took off with the edge
of your senses, you trashed them
and now I can’t affect you deep enough
to teach you how it feels to love me.
original skin a holding position

My attention gets more intense, till each detail
resonates in the rich high chamber.
Immaculately conceived modern language
inside the head the birds

There’s safety in numbness. She has his limits.
hole punch mouth so bluntd
In a digitised world, nothing develops.
supermarket safari monstrosity
You make war sound fun.

It’s spring, and I’m filled with a drunk’s optimism.
The nothing is living now under our bed.
We give it sweet names but it still terrifies me.
Anything left on the floor disappears

please learn fast so you don’t hurt
yourself any more on me.
My streetheart in an ungraded moment
I can’t work you
out. I’m a coded gem.

This is how it feels to be in language,
feeling. Sight comes out of our eyes
and falls over things.
let it out run
you are going to have
to be or not do
You really get to choose

your limbs from the great machine
and dream your way towards me
all white light and work.

There’s no stopping
and no resisting
and no stopping resisting it.

Geryon remixes this poem for The Lifted Brow portion of this issue.

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