Unfinished Objects

By | 1 February 2017

You stole this pronoun.
I need to have a shower
loosen my side of this tension.

D is solving.
mind [x] changes

Nothing has happened.
I hold my mouth shut
with one thumb.
His sounds scatter a
long way

Today, hearing Classic Hits, I realised what’s going on in
the lyrics to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. I had to step out
of my place in line and hide in an aisle with the diaries.
We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.

C raving doubled-over vision

We believe in thoughts,
see[k] our own nucleus in them. text
mess me

The cabbage tree wants
to reach towards the sun
not reach it. Nothing
has happened

Your fingers, quick and thin
look like my fingers
wrapping and unwrapping
on the table between us.
You zip your coat up
and down, at the windpipe.
When I sit, you do
leaning in.

A house divided against itself can’t stand.
making fool s unst
able pulling self togethere
to bits myselves all our best inten

The first time I rode a bike was on a field that was empty
except for a metal pole way on the far side. My dad let go
and I flew over the grass. I kept my eyes on the pole. All
I had to do was keep away from the pole. Just keep away.
The pole got closer, bigger and bigger, I couldn’t stop

It’s worse than smoking. You smear the city
with signs, a figure reflected in windows,
voice on the bus.

Narrowed to one lane
with all these slips
headlights glow wet gold
& the storm washes the road clean.

Nothing’s happened. You make me feel
less alone. You’re also real.
That might ruin everything.
The story folds and unfolds.
We’re only animals, you said.

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