Stephanie Christie

Stephanie Christie is a word artist. One current project is a collaborative performance engaging with climate change. She is curious about what creativity is and how it generates and challenges meanings. The task is to accept reality, so that we can refuse to accept reality.

Unfinished Objects

You stole this pronoun. I need to have a shower loosen my side of this tension. D is solving. promistaken mind [x] changes Nothing has happened. I hold my mouth shut with one thumb. His sounds scatter a long way …

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I’m with Stupid.

What surprises me most is being coincidental. If we really believe it’s the end, it doesn’t matter how much this evangelism costs. The economy’s shaking. His trolley holds twenty kilos of rice, ten litres of water. Everyone thought I was …

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Hung r

strugglue pamphletamine Don’t be dull. You took off with the edge of your senses, you trashed them and now I can’t affect you deep enough to teach you how it feels to love me. original skin a holding position My …

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