In Laws

By | 1 April 2010

we were dead before the sun sank
sitting on deckchairs
long drinks from each others skull
watching the birds peck
their eyes out

it didn't stop you groaning
about the heat
foaming about the
price of petrol
or stop me
from paying the rent
in advance

you got up and your arm
fell to the floor
I knew the signal well
ready to be eaten
the flies buzzing
as I pulled off your
red dress

we haven't slept in weeks
pacing the floors
nothing on television
watching white noise anyway
in the killing hours
when the dark slides
when the biting begins

the dog has been gone for days
you wear its lead
walk yourself
up the street
chasing children
to stay fit

I finish chewing
you adjust your neck
your parents are coming this weekend
we need to clear out the freezer
sharpen the mower blades
bury our cat
clean the golf clubs
ready our brains
for conversation

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