David Stavanger

David Stavanger – aka Ghostboy – is the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde of Australian poetry. He is also a lapsed psychologist. His manuscript The Special won the 2013 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize, and will be released by UQP in 2014. In 2012 he was commissioned as Queensland’s sole Writer in Residence as part of the National Year of Reading and he was also Australia’s inaugral 'Reader-in’Resdience' based at Brisbane Square Library. As his alter ego, Ghostboy, he is a Green Room nominated spoken word artist, who has won the Performance Poetry World Cup (Nimbin). Ghostboy also established the thriving QLD poetry slam scene and has performed on stages around the world, both solo and with the band Golden Virtues.


You Seeking a relationship with a Psychotherapist My current relationship status Hyper-vigilant My height Reduced My body type Venus flytrap Do you have children One previous episode My Personality I like it when you smile, I love it when you …

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Man (o) Rina 7

Chainsaw theory: sharpen metal fangs (skin) take notes from bone Hareless chaser: groom rabbit chest case ivory moon (with toothbrush) Dusky grasswren: flanks the heart of carparks (mouse-­‐like) spooks air born harbinger Dangerous trade: putting a head into a mouth …

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Everyday Magician (매일의 마술사)

another boy catches a drive ►by bullet in his chest. born with straightjackets we buy records and start fires. gravity lets go. in the city no-one drowned last night. the florist saws another white lady in half. so many mis-made …

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Do Not Feed the Lion (사자에게 먹이를 주지 마라)

enter the tangle stay in groups, make sure you’re alone bare your fangs, smile with tiger eyes do not feed the lion scratch your back watch the big cat take your hands start to run when your confidence wanes do …

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In Laws

we were dead before the sun sank

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