Do Not Feed the Lion (사자에게 먹이를 주지 마라)

By | 22 May 2011

enter the tangle
stay in groups, make sure you’re alone
bare your fangs, smile with tiger eyes

do not feed the lion

scratch your back
watch the big cat take your hands
start to run
when your confidence wanes

do not fear the lion

the corners of your mouth
fold into paper cages
birds without flight
offer you feathers

do not tame the lion

intensely crouch
creep towards the moon
recall that animals react poorly
to the smell of their own blood

do not free the lion

put out the distress flare
throw a rock at your reflection
roar at your childhood wasteland

do not love the lion

get down on your hunches
count the steps you haven’t taken
ask tour guides about breadcrumbs
tell your captor you’re not leaving

do not kill the lion

100 yards away is still too close
rapid movements, excited talk will do
take all the above steps
then appear larger
by raising
the roof of your head

do not chase the lion

if you ever stop hunting
may as well start praying
blessed is the lion
that becomes the man
that it has eaten

do not become the lion

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