Everyday Magician (매일의 마술사)

By | 22 May 2011

another boy catches a drive ►by bullet in his chest. born with straightjackets we buy records and start fires. gravity lets go. in the city no-one drowned last night. the florist saws another white lady in half. so many mis-made girls ♀, not enough well-hung men ♂. predicting where lightning will strike is the gift of the electrifying alive. Watch! ― the bills and eviction notice vanish. Presto! ― letterbox full of white rabbits.  we conjure enough coins to buy another round. the hitchhiker extends a detachable thumb into the throng of midday. Behold the morning coffee rush! Behold the credit card explosion! Behold the squeeze box of waking up! Juggling children the single parent breathes. the table of death hosts a party of seven. Watch the pills disappear! Watch the hair disappear! Watch the baby turn into an army! Watch time escape and all the wall clocks tick tick BOOM! the trick pulls up his pants. the elastic lady escapes from the clutches of co-dependence and becomes the disembodied princess. when it snows even I will be beautiful. vampires issue parking fines by daylight. the matrix opens. the box office opens. thighs open. a virgin has a tourniquet tied around her heart. your own hands stab you in the back. a tiger on Vaseline slides into view. the shops stay closed on Sunday. the 6 o’clock news ends. a dalmation forms stripes. the blood test is negative. the party stops talking tax cuts. the triumph of paying rent. burning alive we survive the summer. David Copperfield comes out of the closet. The cage opens. The canary shuts its eyes. The cage closes. in a puff of smoke § throat cancer. in a puff of smoke § the Statue of Liberty re-appears. the aging libido returns. Chen Lee boils a cup of tea. picking locks with other locks. the librarian finds love. an hour transforms into a year. the weather man predicts the sky will not panic. Balducci falls down. levitation ≈ the last resort of the lower class. our hands regain speech. alarm clocks fall silent. the dead rise from their beds.


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