The New Scientist (새로운 과학자)

By | 22 May 2011

like a brave flag parading in the slipstream

of some desk jockey’s eight start day

the miracles of this season ruffle

like a party dress or the leaves in the trees

that ridge as snug as a favourite collar

and is that the sea of tranquility so far above?

so close they dreamed of it in camelot

and i am as faithful as a pilgrim

the brightest thoughts of those pre-zapruder days

and like nothing so casual as a chip packet

left to dance away from the picnic’s relics

you turn your head with eyes as wide as saucers

the orbs of the ones that make offerings to our stars

and you set off in your fantastic space chariot

while i cocoon in close to the landing gear

ready to dock in whichever port you choose

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