Knocking Shop

By | 1 February 2012

it’s like a Hiroshima of fun
then instead of buying scones
from the CWA ladies spruiking
at Camp Hill State School
we turn our attention to the candidates
and I remember I collected
how-to-votes for Hawke’s second
or maybe Ahern’s only and now
that elections have lost their lustre
we head off to the salon to vajazzle
but end up bitch slapped by editors
for dropping too much pop in the hopper
after all we’re only doing it to be with it
like burlesque is just a polite way
of getting your tits out for the skinny jeans crowd
irony is old fashioned like Camels
and cocktails sans mixers
Patrick Bateman had some things right
the money not the chainsaws still less
the Genesis CD’s and if you kill the kid
make sure your first call is to the celebrity agent
you want the deal watertight
before A Current Affair come knocking

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