Submission to Cordite 51: TRANSTASMAN Open!

By and | 27 February 2015

Bonny Cassidy
Photo by Nicholas Walton-Healey

Poetry for Cordite 51: TRANSTASMAN is guest-edited by Bonny Cassidy

I’ll be looking for poems that can swim, fly, float, sail and possibly even skim across the very short and very deep difference between Australia and New Zealand.

Have at the current.

*NOTE: If you’re an NZ or AUS writer, you do, already, meet the theme, no matter what your poem is about. The poems selected will inform what the quality and style our binational literature is. But if you’re from anywhere else, your work is equally encouraged. We’re also looking for poems specifically about a literature born/stuck/benefitting from a bi-national duality, be it Canada or Philippines/USA; Irish/UK; Singapore/Malaysia; Indigenous Australia/_______ … and such.

Poems for this issue will be partially by invite and selected anonymously (but we’ll be taking about double the usual number of poetry we do in our issues). Robert Sullivan will also curate an e-chapbook of contemporary Māori poetry. Please submit only once, with a maximum of three (3) poems in one (1) document … but first, please read the submission guidelines.

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