Submission to Cordite 53: THE END Open!

By and | 19 August 2015

Pam Brown

Poetry for Cordite 53: THE END is guest-edited by Pam Brown. Read Corey Wakeling’s interview of Pam from 2012.

Let me start at the very end, the dead end, the living end, at wit’s end, the end of the line. Whether you dread the end or can’t wait for it, the questions are: ‘When to stop? How to finish? Where does it ever end?’

As the forever-quoted Samuel Beckett wrote in Endgame, ‘The end is the beginning and yet you go on’. Game over, lights out, end of story – please send poems on THE END.

Please submit only once, with a maximum of three (3) poems in one (1) document … but first, please read the submission guidelines.

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