Yo I Am the Man

By | 1 August 2016

Who gave you woman
don’t know who us is ha ha
Vioce the name black babe
Not our son ,not our Daughters
Yo who your name means
What voice give’s sound to the works off a poet writers
Yo who your word name gave to the creative perforers.
Hey voice’s of no meaning singuling on vioce over
box stand over makes no unity;
Pure voice,pure poet’s .
Your name voice man made no childrens art word
life long stories .
Where the name span by White man name up
a black man useing the name for message .
What gave the name rights man right to rewrite history
by given change to the land names.
Cities name made us blame
Ideninty live on name’s by cultures rename the voice
emity by a lies call.

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