Cops are poets on the looks sit hears cobs

By | 1 August 2016

Lionel Fogarty | on pigs skpies

He the poetry fee mans says yes greater idea,
To have cops who done wrong to first Australians’
Get out a books in personal poloidal postconiel poems.
Well it will sell as pigs fights pigs ,piss on shit
P=process I interdents G guts Sorting .
Police pleasant in laws,outars your home poet lawless.
She says polices literatures’ will be ripe,
Cliveing palms hands four leafs climp
Wagon as if protest writers stood ,
Over 10 cops associated at a paddy the wagon
Poets don’t honk a yakka don’t know your smell ,
Nah never buys polices poetry yet ,out of the uniformed where,
Is your formed words.
He’s saves the David an lion,log an log writings invitee’s
Frontlines offices writers to be pub wished dead launches;
Officers do lit bug literatures’.
He rights wings appeared to show alines to cop of the enfroces
That killed took cizten lifers aways.
To have equality siting talking with authors protest challenges’ poets
Now’s for the fee;
Sell us these class fall for unity turn bull sorter literatures’.
(So the cops can’t write this seeks peep weeps by their morning
Honking honest ,nights drians officers writers,
Mad pig days sleep to arisen ciztens to ,

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