See Sea Over Dews in Cenduna

By | 1 August 2016

Garment government town sea dunes sea front loot.

See new in Ceduna nah school fish for sea news.

A long the great bitten beach bright open shores,

Sea over dews sees sea of jewels.

Mining town know for worker on the mine, sands for the calls,

Now most are old or tow the young to contracts the works.

The first look, oh they natives rumi a rum run this places, we’ll see who pays the town bills and rates.

Town camp people rush by every day yarning away as if there past people’s fished walked swim worked in theses parts.

People on foot, some in wanting shoes looking for a bit of drink just to keep cool from heat away and let cold drink in give the strength to walk another K or to home camp sleeps. At nights sad seam’s Ceduna awaits a new light moon on morning afternoon sights.

The polices are as cheep as dogs looses in a rubbish heap.

Every face knows a face and if the bodies different then it’s sussed for a much they got, for tomorrow living.

The native tidies are coming to see dews new sea town sure shores, so clean up wear your best wear be common on the hello bro? So the business is in the higher market more mauls trails and buggers to eat and make the blacks fat as fat.

Ceduna reminds a blackfella wipe apart as a small mission but with still white controls.

Past by travelling fork up the money to a fake crossing, yet the painting caves big in notes, while centre links is line is like second home for a cup of papers in your mouths.

There are family’s back in the old land right duck pound beach holding house now, the one’s who fought for little lands, that belong to there parents spiritual, yet the rates or rents are still no payed to the right full owners, the big say so of the bills are bigger than ever.

Health to who will give a jobs to those not of progress,

Some Indigenous cultures draws significants in needs of Ceduna,

Some speak lounges, most speak English are down an out by voices.

Arts are about in a shop, same as spots is about as balls are kicked up and down the street in towns ways, so the cops get the balls and up sets the parents, skins names are heard then touch in the poorest senses.

From town to town their history is many parallels over stories of movements life and dying of family’s, yes but6 the race lives’.

Up and down the coast reconnects are happening when attention is the issues.

But why must a people work for a land sea killing shills.

The manner of convenience is modern,

Yet bush believes is still fortunate,

Self-owning an addressed stay is like up today new wave walkabout.

Access is there, but how to anticipate is the spear for keys futures.

Most unable agreement is make by low cost then queries those off permission.

A author go on to ask for a story, but get told no some one took my story and never gave me nothing back in return.

Delay by due changes always happen here sitting and looking at Ceduna.

But the installation of kind way is felted.

But pains tame the wild,

If you know then good advise is solely in the sea you soon of take a trip to Ceduna seeing the dawn and how the days meet the people’s.

Its once was the community they wanted it to be, may the creator help their futures by sea sand sky and no more lies for the Ceduna town ship

We wait by the day care place for our turn to talk art and walk with each other now time as no sea sky day or night to our gathering, we get free food tea anything needed for our day to day life always, see you all around Ceduna nah mate S.A

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