No Cites like the Cites Hum In

By | 1 August 2016

This cities are builted on times land.
Whites made a date to root their women’s
Season flow in times of hardship
winds live below the feets that walk
the flower smell on the mouth we smell.
Fields desires passion for workers pays are hard yacaring
Bend on back,send to spend never expect lended.
All towns don’t twin cities cos your unemloyments
tongus are adanceing over number
(who want to work for an opperssioner anger)
The mountain kiss a ever-lasting love,stop houses being made in mountain.
Let the cave below the seas be our beds
Have the ray shine by ground skies giving a path-way over lands recratives.
This cities don’t remind me of the countries once was.
Hate hidden by white man calendar in 800 years,
one big museum ,as even eyes await rain drops in the dry light off days.
Were are the many stars
Were are the so much clounds
May space stop the travel by sit down and lazzy out people’s ;
(Make no bills for the billi’s) Soil is a toil needing all to recoil).
Your cities are not our living life
but you all live not shared and must have grassroot rights.
Homeland is earth’s lust ,High class shall fall as shatted grass.
They dust tail in details for a cause spend on the big notes.
Written land can now till the cities where they are going.
Fields of face,give all flowers lit lifes
Fields of body gave all work greater words.
It’s times for the poets of real justice in
all sence to take over resigons polaltic ,(also the Mac book ”funny hands on faces”
It’s stop time for all to care to kick war out of extines .
This is a timeless cities musised by tunes told and untold, Hey yet to be written .
Remmber the gun wespon are them?
800 TO ONE

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