Never Worked

By | 1 August 2016

He wave his fingers saying he’s a worker
Work to the breeze off pride,
Word winner made heat powers run.
Work together in sunshine machine society,
Brings version over our sensuality.
Harvest highways for the drivers find,
Safe life living eyes on the ears.
Boiling to top my feet seems weak
Being down on the ride arm out of reach
Pride every day must not astray.
The breeze that never air inner gave,
Non-powers was un-kind.
The cities around worlds unknown,
Saw the hurt before it caused bloods to flow.
The flowers a brighten a morning dew passing,
By bodies not yet entwine.
Work what to day no numbered as if dogs and cats are priceless.
Man wanting space of séance to be the last forest,
Man using our minds for rich around speaker’s words.
Working in silence brings not the thing wants on needs.
Boil now the tea; boil now the wind on rains we and I needs.

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