Conquer Slaughter’s

By | 1 August 2016

Digger lion’s goal

have to =====$$
No warrior’s cult threats invisible vibes
Dumb bounded by digging a lions genocide
Syntax blotched greed;
Let the frontiers frontline wise surface non greed
A destruction end when poison tongues gave
Honouring obligations.
‘’Tablespoons off set futures sip dip lips
Reinforce white dominance makes,
Mind set by create divisions

Negative gate mouth where always
Titled by question of how too
Boardrooms perspective.
Syntax text of battles honour
Will give repression modern
Ancient engaged fights.
To show history one sided “shines no’’
Tow stories echo as designed Oh.
Capitulation stole spiritual origin
Madden disadvage discrimination.
No conversation are needed on
Who knows?
No common mutualists’ occupants
Rich order governance supremacy
Measures apply by bestow devils.
Live no reoccupy every sites are taken
Revitalizing extraction
Dispossessed continuation by connection
Sacred histories, well severed on impacted reclamation;
Unique face living being present off grandfathers lived
Being vital resource pride reoccupy truth shield,
Museum treating history declaration
Debates be activity movements in highest
Attempters conquer slaughters

Lionel G Fogarty 2015 16 11 time 8’22 am tried on these day.
Sat day time wrote 3.29 14 /11/20`15

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